KLER helps businesses control expenses, manage vendors more easily, gain visibility into the supply chain, and streamline the purchasing management process.

A key component of business success is good purchasing management which ensures the right amount of inventory is procured from the best-performing vendors and is on hand in sufficient quantities to fulfill customer orders, while not stocking more inventory than can be sold. This is where KLER shines providing the tools to propel your business.

With KLER you can automate PO creation to your vendors. Purchasing Dashboards can display live purchasing requirements from planning for all active Work Orders based on need date and product type. You can see all outstanding POs, late orders, and time sensitive orders.


Vendor Management

Track vendor purchase history, contacts, notes, and more.


Automated Ordering

By utilizing preferred vendors and min/max qty’s you can set automatic reorder points to make sure your inventory is always available when you need it.


QuickBooks Integration

Reduce redundant data entry by sending bills, invoices, and more to QuickBooks.


Track & Trace

Our track and trace system will ensure quick and accurate reporting in the event of a product recall or audit.


Unit Conversions

Adjustable unit of measure conversion to adjust for bulk inventory orders into the most appropriate unit of measure for inventory.


Inventory Transfers

Seamlessly transfer inventory between your locations/licenses.