The HR page gives management a place to record important information about employees including employment information, benefit summary, contact information and more.

Track employee costs, hours worked, sales per hour, and maintain true employee accountability from optimizing schedules to production efficiency.

Access levels to KLER modules, fields and information is tightly controlled for all users so very finite control is available to allow employees just the right amount of access to data.


Time Clock

KLER has a built-in time clock for punching in and out of work. A very fast interface allows any user to clock in or out from any device quickly using a password.


Security Roles

Role based security limits access to areas outside employee permissions.


Departments and Teams

Assign personnel departments and/or teams to track activity, productivity, labor costs, and expenses.


User Tracking

User activity is tracked through the KLER Audit Trail. From discounts to inventory adjustments, all activity is tracked to the User.


Employee Position

Assign employee positions and wages to better manage labor costs in real time.


Employee Info

Keep employee information like employee id’s, cell phone, address, and email readily available.