KLER simplifies finished product manufacturing by managing inventory, production needs, and COGS (Cost of Goods Sold).

Create a production run based on orders or inventory need. Choose the amount you want to create and enjoy an automated pick list for raw materials while allowing you to track defects, production issues, and inventory usage.


Track & Trace

Our track and trace system will ensure quick and accurate reporting in the event of a product recall or audit.


Bill of Materials

Adjust recipes to account for potency of concentrates, ensure consistent production and accurate product labels time over time with each new batch.


Unit Conversions

Adjustable unit of measure conversion to adjust for bulk inventory orders into the most appropriate unit of measure for inventory.


Batch Management

Track by lot or batch and maintain chain of custody from seed-to-sale.


Smart Recipe Manager

Adjusts to Show BOM for the amount needed and the amount available while also adjusting based off concentrate/potency


Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP)

GMP compliance with storage of staff training procedures, record-keeping and documentation of where input materials are sourced and plans for recalling unsafe products are but a few of the features KLER provides.