Inventory Management 

KLER’s software saves you time and money by providing visibility into your inventory.

Inventory visibility is key to running a successful business. Hemp specific inventory management features to help you manage compliance, track by facility, room, or area using a variety of criteria such as plot details, batch information, due dates, etc. Generate barcodes, use scanners, and a whole lot more.


Inventory Consignment

Real-Time visibility into consigned inventory including cost and payable tracking. Easily track inventory consignment costs throughout product processing phases.


Barcode Scanning

Barcode printing and scanning, then streamline operations with mobile scanning.


Multi-Location Management

View and manage inventory across all your locations and licenses.


Inventory Transfers

Seamlessly transfer inventory between your locations/licenses.


Dashboards & Reports

Pull real-time reports on counts, cost, value, and product performance.


Auto Reorder Points

Set min and max levels, trigger automatic reorder points, never run out of raw materials.