KLER Track

KLER was created to solve major pain points in the Agricultural supply chain. Supply chain transparency is the largest problem in the industry and one that KLER now solves with the launch of KLER Track from the farm to store shelves. KLER Track provides an easy way to share compliance, and product information.


Farmers are struggling to sell product without clear compliance tracking and processors are frustrated with the lack of compliance tracking of available biomass. KLER Track provides farmers the ability to share COA’s, product origin, and harvest detail to the processor during or prior to sale through the use of QR Codes on the labels or links shared with the processor.

Processors require clear compliance information for each order they receive. Many times, they find out after the fact that an order includes various small batches that are problematic for processing, or that information is missing for shipping compliance. KLER Track can provide visibility and peace of mind to the processor before an order is scheduled for shipment.


In the end it always comes down to the customer, and they want better transparency in their products origin and safety. This is true with all health supplements and the FDA is getting ready to set the standards. We expect the FDA to start with CBD and will soon require lab test results, product origin, and ingredients on CBD products. Through KLER’s supply chain track-and-trace retailers are easily able to label their products with QR Codes that pulls up the KLER Track origin of that product, COA’s, ingredients, and more.

Many farmers are consigning their biomass to processors to process and sell. They are expected to have blind faith that the processor will accurately and timely send payment when their material is sold. KLER Track provides a portal for farmers to view the status of their product as its processed, estimates processed qty’s, shows results of processing, and even shows how much has been shipped or sold in real-time. This limits farmer frustration and reduces the amount of time processors must spend updating farmers on the status of their biomass.


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With the current marketing and advertisement restrictions put in place on the cannabis market, having a direct-to-consumer pathway is more important than ever. While most of our clients are using KLER Track to convey relevant compliance information as it passes through the supply chain, some are using KLER’s customizable QR landing page as a way to connect with their customers.