The KLER Team

Sean P Knierim, PhD



Partner and Co-Founder of SidePorch, Estabrook Carbon and the Liminal Collective

Founding SidePorch continues a career of working to create environments where amazing people can do extraordinary things.  Sean is also a Partner at Estabrook Carbon (global carbon fund deploying into allowances and offsets) and the Liminal Collective (human and team performance). 

Previously, Sean taught for over a decade at the university and secondary levels, holding leadership positions and carrying out research focused on economic and urban development.  He also held executive positions at Estabrook Investors, the Jeff Skoll Group and at the MacArthur Foundation. 

Sean holds a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (UNC-Chapel Hill) and master’s degrees in International Development Policy (Duke University) and Interdisciplinary Education (Santa Clara University).

KLER is working on something necessary in emerging markets and systems in the US and globally. And the quality of humans, and values driven into orgs, that are involved in creating these systems are crucial - the orgs that succeed here will have a key role in defining and creating value.