The KLER Team

John Cleland



John Cleland has been RenewWest's managing partner since 2017.

John is a pioneer in the carbon markets and has been involved with them since
discovering them in 2008. He developed the largest carbon-based reforestation
project in US history.

As a founding partner of RenewWest, John has established himself as a leading
voice in the forestry and carbon project industry. John advises and meets regularly
with state land boards, state Departments of Natural Resources, the US Forest
Service, leading climate protocols like Climate Action Reserve, and Council for
Western State Foresters, and is a member of the Forest Carbon Working Group

John has been invited on multiple occasions to present at NACW, the largest carbon
conference in the U.S. Prior to RenewWest, John was Director of Operations for the
Impact Finance Center in Denver, CO.