The KLER Team

Jason Libersky



For the past decade Jason has been at the forefront of quantitative sustainability and the energy transition: real decarbonization of energy supply chains, decarbonization pathway development, methane emission quantification and reductions, the creation of tokenized differentiated commodities based on environmental performance across supply chains, new ES&G risk metrics and carbon products, indices, and establishing the early differentiated commodity market for digitized assets solutions to fill market gaps in energy and sustainability. 

Jason pioneered the first generations of “Climate-Smart Commodities” starting in 2011 by developing the analytical, accounting, and attributional data and product models for attaching environmental and social performance to commodities in energy markets - natural gas, crude oil, and power generation.  Jason co-founded Xpansiv in 2016 and drove the market awareness around differentiated or “responsibly sourced” natural gas - now being commercialized at scale by MiQ, Project Canary, Gas Technology Institute, and others.  Jason’s work in hydrocarbon production has directly contributed to keeping well over 4 billion cubic feet of methane out of the atmosphere.

Jason’s attributional model and theory of quantifying, tokenizing, and tracking externalities and scope emissions across supply chains is founded in the fusion of his extensive technical and policy experience across multiple industries including national security complex, commodity origination, energy trading, carbon markets, oil & gas production, and electric power generation. Jason’s focus is not only on the product, technical, design, and market innovations required for innovation but also on creating the culture and building diverse teams that are the most critical component in the transformation from idea to reality.